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in The overriding benefit must ultimately be the ability to monitor and asses youth development from scouting, and their initial registering, through to academy level on one simple system out

  Sean O’Connor, Head Scout, Brentford FC
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The Players Elite System

The Players Elite System is the most comprehensive Scouting, Performance, Medical and Sports Science platform on the market today. Working with top youth coaches and heads of medical services and sports science at some of the top clubs, the Players Elite platform is a single source for all information required by your youth development program. Our unparalleled development expertise and platform flexibility, ensures that our software always includes the latest processes you require to run your youth development program i.e. the Players Elite Platform has a choice of injury report templates already built in, that allows for the UEFA injury and attendance reports to be completed and emailed quickly and efficiently.


“PLAYERS ELITE is a paperless system. And because it is all done online and securely accessed and saved, it has vastly reduced the hours spent preparing, delivering and finding reports”.

Sean O’Connor
Head Scout
Brentford FC

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Modular and Flexible

The Players Elite System incorporates the latest practices and processes required. From the initial stages of your scouting network recommending players, the Players Elite System allows you to track and monitor the players development throughout their development process.

Trialists are monitored through their trial period, assessed in training and matches, and all injuries monitored and managed. The Sports Science platform collates the data inputed and helps to build reports and visual and graphical comparisons between other players in their age group. At the same time, all their injuries, daily notes and medical reports are managed, helping to build priceless information in developing players and preventing injury.

sports science The collection of players data enables the production of invaluable reports on individual players and age groups, allowing you, and the players, to see visually, their progress.

Latest News


Brentford FC now have all their scouting staff accessing the Players Elite Scout/Recruitment Module.

Brentford FC medical department enjoy the benefits of the Players Elite Medical Module, and the integration between the systems.

barnet Barnet FC look to the complete suite of the Players Elite player development software to compliment their advanced Academy.

Download the Players Elite brochure in its PDF format
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